Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

n After admitting to deceiving investors, the CEO of AriseBank will likely now face up to 20 years in prisonn
n LBank and Bit-Z both held the top position in exchanges by adjusted volume on CoinMarketCap today, but research suggests their volume is faken
n Mining operations would be required to produce or purchase renewable energy by proposed regulation in the United States Missoula Countyn
n Chinese e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with software giant Aerospace Information to promote blockchain technologyn
n nn nn Lightning Labs, the development team working to grow the Lightning Network, just released the alpha version of a new protocol called Lightning Loop.Lightning Loop is designed to give users the ability to deposit and withdraw bitcoin from their payment channels the two-way payment gateways that allow users to send and receive funds to and from each other without closing these channels entirely.Lightning channels are like tubes of money the more you send the
n Latest research piece from Binance highlights behavioral trends in price among cryptocurrenciesn
n At least one scammer is reportedly gaming other users on the blockchain-powered event betting platform Augur by creating deliberately invalid marketsn
n The initial release of Lightning Network offramp Lightning Loop has been announced by blockchain development company Lightning Labsn
n A major legal post focusing on blockchain has opened at Facebook in the latest sign of associated payment plansn
n Analysts have accused the Wall Street Journal of using flawed investigative methods and grossly overestimating the extent of alleged laundering via crypto exchange ShapeShiftn
n Sirin Labs is aiming to increase the profile of its blockchain smartphone via an integration with MyEtherWalletn
n The trustee of Mt. Gox has announced that he has concluded the processing of creditors rehabilitation claims, and that they will be notified of the results within daysn
n Changes made to the public Binance API reveal that the exchange is seemingly in the midst of margin trading implementationn
n Swiss blockchain startup will get expertise sharing from three-time Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussenn
n Now that the JPM Coin is out, more banks are looking into issuing their own digital tokens. Nevertheless, some players like Citigroup are dropping the idea in favor of more traditional remittance methodsn
n U.S.-based crowdfunding portal SeriesOne has partnered with Polymath to let firms raise capital on its platform using its security token protocoln
n Two cryptocurrency benchmark indices based on CoinMarketCap data will be launched on multiple platforms, including Bloomberg and Nasdaqn
n Nvidia expects to complete sales of excess inventory previously slated for crypto mining by the end of Q1 2019 and shake off its crypto hangovern
n Cryptocurrency futures and options trading has been launched by exchange aggregator Caspian via new partnershipn
n Crypto markets are relatively quiet with minor losses throughout the top 20 coinsn
n While industry executives generally agree Ethereum is not a security, the SEC chairman did not directly confirm it to Congressn
n Fundamentals have been improving, but the prices have been slow to react. Lets consult the chartsn
n Switzerlands Federal Assembly has approved proposals to instruct lawmakers on cryptocurrency regulationn
n The North Korean dissident group Cheollima Civil Defence is selling Ethereum-based visas valid for entering the country after its liberationn
n Law firms Miller Thomson and Cox & Palmer have established a committee to help provide guidance in representing affected clients of QuadrigaCXn
n Payment platform Square is looking for cryptocurrency engineers and is offering to pay them in Bitcoinn
n nn nn Japanese regulators have reportedly approved draft amendments to the country&x27s financial instruments and payment services laws, introducing stricter regulations for margin trading of digital assets.A report by local news publication Nikkei Asia Review noted that the amendments will place a cap on available leverage for crypto margin trading, pegging it at two to four times the initial deposit.The report, published yesterday, also claimed that all cr
n Digital Asset Holdings appoints co-founder as new CEO three months after Blythe Masters departuren
n JPMorgan Chases Ron Karpovich says there is more partnership instead of competition between the establishment and crypto innovators when it comes to the payments spacen
n Cosmos enters top three proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies by staked supply after launchn
n Cybersecurity firm Kudelski Security has partnered with smart contracts auditing firm Hosho to provide greater security for blockchain ecosystemsn
n Huobi spin-off targets pre-launch crypto tokens, following Binances Launchpad modeln
Casa has just rolled out radio wave-screening Faraday bags as the ultimate cypherpunk accessory for bitcoin hardware wallets.
n A trillion-dollar transaction glitch shows how far EOS still has to go to make a real impactn
Blockchain technology startup Blockstream has revamped its wallet app, adding features that make storing bitcoin more secure and flexible.
Binance has unveiled a new platform in Australia that allows users to buy bitcoin with cash from 1,300-plus newsagents.
Polymath has partnered with digital securities fundraising platform seriesOne to offer an end-to-end solution for security token issuance.
Bitcoin's bulls need to break key resistance at $4,040 to force a continued rally, the three-day chart indicates.
Institutional trading and portfolio management platform Caspian is launching trading in cryptocurrency derivatives.
Two crypto benchmark indices from CoinMarketCap launch on Nasdaq, Bloomberg Terminal, Thomson Reuters and Brse Stuttgart today.
n Multiple respondents have filed comments with the U.S. SEC on the latest proposed rule change for the VanEck/SolidX Bitcoin ETFn
BlockFi CEO Zac Prince explains in depth how the startup manages the myriad risks of lending and borrowing crypto.
n Following a mid-January hack, crypto exchange Cryptopia has resumed trading on 40 trade pairsn
n Major U.S.-based bank Silvergate signed on 59 new cryptocurrency customers in the fourth quarter of 2018n
n Sterling Witzke, a Winklevoss Capital partner, speaks about the future of stablecoins, regulatory clarity in U.S. and a fair price for Bitcoin in an interview with Cointelegraphn
n In a recent report, former CFTC chairman Timothy Massad called for more thorough regulations on cryptocurrenciesn
n Most top coins are seeing minor gains on the day, with Bitcoin hovering over the $4,000 markn
n Kakaos fintech arm Dunamu is rolling out a blockchain platform designed to help companies start businesses using blockchainn
Silvergate Bank added 59 crypto clients in the fourth quarter, but its deposits from the industry shrank by $123 million.