Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

The developers behind decentralized marketplace OpenBazaar have released a mobile counterpart.
The world's longest running exchange will soon allow deposits and withdrawals made in GBP.
Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire calls for Congress to treat digital assets as their own asset class in testimony for Tuesday's Senate Banking hearing.
In a Twitter AMA on Monday, Square Crypto made it clear that its focus is on building for bitcoin, not for Cash App.
The DoD thinks blockchain can help authenticate its agents, secure interagency communication, and handle petabytes of data to predict attacks.
Robert A. Cohen pursued actions against a number ICOs and crypto exchange platforms as Cyber Unit chief. He will resign in August.
The NYCQ Fund is a tokenized venture fund with holdings in Coinbase, Bakkt, Nomics, and Tagomi.
Crypto finance solutions may be finding lower regulatory hurdles abroad as one of the most venerable exchanges takes to the islands.
Nevada-based Prime Trust has launched a real-time settlement service for crypto and fiat transfers among clients.
Bitcoin's bulls have reason to be optimistic despite the recent 33 percent price drop, as a long-term technical indicator has turned bullish.
The European arm of Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer has launched a bitcoin buying and selling service aimed to be easy to use.
Facebook has acknowledged what many have been saying that regulatory issues may be an insurmountable barrier to its Libra project.
With $3.25 million in new funding, Smart Valor says it's launching the first regulated bitcoin exchange in crypto-friendly Switzerland.
Tether has a real-world use case Chinese importers of cheap goods in Russia use it to send millions home daily.
Bitcoin wallet provider and blockchain explorer Blockchain just launched its first exchange platform, the PIT.
Claiming it can handle many more transactions per second than existing blockchains, Solana has raised capital to ramp up development.
The blockchain smartphone makers are working together to boost crypto adoption, with Pundi X's wallet being added to the Galaxy S10's options.
Since the token launched in early July, more than 230,000 YouNow and XSplit users and content creators have been given 'Props.'
The U.S. Senate Banking Committee is about to hold its hearing on regulation for cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Here's how you can watch it.
Mark Karpeles, former CEO of the early bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, must face a class action lawsuit inPhiladelphia over the firm's 2014 collapse.
n A Bitcoin giveaway has been announced by Cash App, the payments app of San Francisco-based payments company Squaren
n Bitcoin price back at five figures ahead of US dollar weaknessn
n An infographic illustrating what is Bitcoin, how it works, and why it is valuable has been recently published by a major Chinese bankn
n U.S. lawmakers appear to be moving forward with Blockchain Promotion Act passing in both houses of Congress, with a working group establishedn
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n Cointelegraph head of news Molly Jane Zuckerman interviewed Bitcoin himself, in the most recent of a series of interviewsn
n Ether may not be an altcoin anymore, according to institutional cryptocurrency exchange San Francisco Open Exchangen
n Bitcoin price sheds $10,000 as Bart Simpson trend line appearsn
n Cannabis-backed token SWX Coin launched by Greek billionaire and television director Alki David and his Swiss consortiumn
n Bitcoin fell below the $9,600 mark as most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting losses on the day as of press timen
n Bitcoin vs. gold What is the ultimate store of value for the new millennium Crypto and blockchain experts answern
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n Sentiment will turn sour if these cryptocurrencies plunge below their recent lowsn
n Initial coin offering consultant CoinLaunch agrees to pay $50,000 to the Ontario Securities Commissionn
n New Australian draft bill continues war on cash but exempts crypton
n The Iranian government has authorized domestic cryptocurrency mining as an industrial activityn
n A Florida man has pled guilty to participating in a multi-million dollar Bitcoin-enabled drug dealing conspiracy and money launderingn
n Swiss regulators license another crypto finance firmn
n Crypto markets are seeing mild fluctuations, mixed red and green, while Bitcoin s holding ground around the $9,600 markn
n US Capital Global Securities now offering $10 million equity investment in a cryptocurrency fundn
n Judge rules to extend preliminary injunction in the ongoing case of crypto exchange Bitfinex and Tethers parent company, iFinexn
n Four South Korean crypto exchanges face regulation stricter regulations in renewing their bank accounts following the issuance of new FATF guidelinesn
n What are the critical levels to watch for Bitcoin Lets consult the chartsn
n Singapores proposal to exempt crypto from a goods and services tax would benefit crypto-related businesses, says PwC corporate tax expertn
n Crypto traders explain how they sift through the noise and maximize their returns using trading strategiesn
n An advisor who recently worked at Coinbase has been snatched up by the CFTC under its new leadershipn
The post Bitcoin News Summary – July 29, 2019.Heres what happened this week in Bitcoin in 99 seconds. St. Louis Federal Reserve President, James Bullard, remarked that the US is headed towards a non-uniform currency, with crypto competing with the Dollar. Bullard further said that crypto tackles an important social problem. Bakkt, the forthcoming institutional crypto exchange run by Intercontinental Exchange and ...
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