Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

n U.S. Congressman Tom Emmer is planning to introduce three bills to support and facilitate the development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrenciesn
n The biggest brokerage firm in Brazil, Grupo XP, has announced the launch of a crypto exchange in the coming monthsn
n The South Korean government has pledged support for blockchain startups to speed up the growth of the industry in the countryn
n Celsius Network has become a founding member of the SDG Impact Fund within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals initiative, aiming to raise money for charityn
n Bitcoin mining hardware giant Bitmain has unveiled its next-generation ASIC chip soon to be used in the firms new Antminer crypto mining machinesn
n The Japanese Financial Services Agency has launched an investigation following the hack of local cryptocurrency exchange Zaifn
n From Bentleys to islands heres what you could buy if youre a crypto millionairen
n Equities portfolio manager Travis Kling has quit Point72 Asset Management to start his own digital assets fund in the beginning of Octobern
n Insider sources have suggested that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange HKEX is eyeing takeovers in the blockchain and other tech sectors in a bid to diversify revenue sourcesn
n nn nn Over 30 years after creating eCash, a predecessor of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which spawned the Cypherpunk movement of the 1980s, Dr. David Chaum is back in the public eye with a claim of having invented the worlds fastest cryptocurrency.Chaum is widely regarded as the forefather of cryptocurrencies and the wider world of cryptographic security and online privacy because of his pioneering security research work in the 80s. His academic paper, Bli
n nn nn Its a sign of the times and the growing maturity of the crypto industry that a new industry trade association launched in Washington, D.C., on September 11, 2018, to lobby the U.S. government on a range of issues from taxation to regulations to educate members of congress about the growing success of blockchain and to encourage lawmakers to allow innovation to flourish and benefit the economy.Kristin Smith, director of external affairs for the new Blockcha
n nn nn n nn n n nnOn the most recent episode of Lets Talk Bitcoin!, the hosts discuss the now-defunct Bitcoin Alert system, devised by Satoshi himself. A rarity in the podcast space, this episodes exploration involved no guest appearances, instead relying on the wealth of experience that Adam B. Levine, Stephanie Murphy, Jonathan Mohan and Andreas Antonopoulos had already picked up from their time with Bitcoin.Although seldom used and quickly discontinued, Bitc
n nn nn For well over a year, versions of Bitcoin Core Bitcoins leading software implementation contained a severe software bug. The bug was fixed with Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 and 0.17.0rc4, released this week, and the status of the Bitcoin network now appears to be safe, with no harm done. The Bitcoin Core project has released a full disclosure report, revealing that the bug was even worse than previously thought.These are the good, the bad and the ugly details abo
n IBM has applied to patent a system that would use blockchain tech to tackle privacy and security concerns while managing data generated by dronesn
n Mass adoption, the porn industry and why trading makes no sense CT sits down with Ausum Ventures Jeremy Gardnern
n The Petro is soon to be traded on an international level, according to Venezuelas president, who has ignored alarming reports on the existence of the coinn
n CoinMarketCap rankings shaken up as Ripple surpasses Ethereum to take second placen
n Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn turns to blockchain to make own-brand orange juice production chain transparentn
n Details of the latest hack in Japan the FSA is on the case and the owning company was forced to sell its majority stake to cover lossesn
n Lately, crypto prices have not been falling on bad news and have been rising on minor positive ones investors are looking for reasons to buy. What do the charts tell usn
n CloudFlare introduced its tool for simplified access to decentralized content heres how it challenges the conventional HTTP systemn
n As crypto-related startups began to leave Switzerland, local bankers are trying to establish a dialogue, issuing detailed guidelinesn
n nn nn The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC has once again postponed a decision on the application for a Bitcoin Electronically Traded Fund ETF by VanEck and SolidX, in what is the latest update in a protracted regulatory process that has dragged on for several months. The agency has stated that it needs more time to consider more input to help it arrive at a decision on the matter, which was originally postponed to September 29, 2018.The Long Wait for
n nn nn In a bid to extend the reach of its services, Bancor is opening up shop on another blockchain.The decentralized exchange protocol is expanding to EOS, a Bancor blog post reveals. Speaking to Bitcoin Magazine, Bancors Director of Communications Nate Hindman said the protocol will still allow users to trade Ethereum tokens, while its newest iteration, BancorX, will introduce this functionality to Ethereums rival, as well. Bancor is not switching to EOS. Banc
n All affected users must install new Bitcoin Core client, developers stressn
n Alibabas Ant Financial is launching a blockchain BaaS Backend-as-a-Service platform and an ant blockchain partner programn
n A crypto payment platform partners with Unify and supports the largest global meditation of millions of people for the Guinness Book of World Records. The company waives its fee for users who donate to the campaign with the hosted coins SPONSOREDn
n Crypto markets see broad return to form as Bitcoin, Ethereum hit two-week highsn
n California campaign watchdog raises questions of crypto transparency, bans Bitcoin from political donationsn
n Markets have hit bottom in crypto, repeats Galaxy Digitals Mike Novogratzn
Candidates for public office in California may not receive donations in cryptocurrency, the state's political watchdog has ruled.
Instead of tacking ethereum's transaction costs, developer Alexey Akhunov focused on the blockchain's state, and the software is ready.
n Bitcoin mining software developer Bitfury has released its new ASIC-led Bitcoin mining hardware, and plans to integrate it into its other mining productsn
n The Financial Action Task Force expects to release a worldwide set of anti-money laundering standards for crypto in Octobern
n U.S. lawmakers have urged the Internal Revenue Service IRS to issue clear and comprehensive crypto taxation guidance, saying it is overly focused on enforcementn
n Major Russian banks admit high demand for crypto, even as a lack of clearly defined regulations prevents them from entering the market, local sources reportn
n Earning money on streaming games may become easier not only for streamers or organizers but for viewers as well. A platform launches its own blockchain to give all participants the option to monetize on streaming SPONSOREDn
n A UN organization for gender equality and empowering women, UN Women, will apply blockchain technology for dispersing payments at Jordanian refugee campsn
n Swiss-based Crypto Valley Venture Capital has launched a blockchain incubator, aiming to collect up to $100 million and replicate the incubator in other countriesn
n The U.S. SEC is seeking further comments regarding a Bitcoin ETF filing by investment firm VanEck and financial services company SolidXn
n nn nn When Tokyo-based Mt. Gox got hacked to the tune of 650,000 bitcoin in 2014, Japan learned early on the tough lessons of cryptocurrency theft. Yet, to this day, despite the countrys ongoing efforts to educate investors and ramp up oversight of crypto exchanges, it still feels the sting of hackers.On September 20, 2018, on the heels of the Osaka-based Zaif heist, which amounted to $60 million in losses, the countrys National Police Agency NPA issued a report
n nn nn The crypto world is welcoming its newest digital currency exchange. Known as BTSE, its a platform designed primarily to look after markets and OTC trading. The system is unique in the sense that it offers multiple currencies through one book, and entities like the U.S. dollar, the euro and the Japanese yen all share the same liquidity pool.Co-founder Jack Li spoke with Bitcoin Magazine about how the exchange works and what its overall purpose is in offerin
n nn nn As controversies surrounding Bitmains looming IPO spell uncertainty for the future well-being of the mining goliath, competitors are fast to move in on the manufacturers territory.One of these competitors, Innosilicon, now claims to have a new ASIC miner for bitcoin in the works that will outperform any current hardware in speed, profitability and efficiency.Speaking to Bitcoin Magazine, an Innosilicon representative, who asked to remain anonymous, said it
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC is now weighing whether to approve the nation's first bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund.
n nn nn In an open letter to the Internal Revenue Service IRS, the U.S. Houses Committee on Ways and Means argues that the tax collection body is leaving investors in the lurch with its vague cryptocurrency tax codes.Authored by congressional representatives Kevin Brady, Lynn Jenkins, Darin LaHood, David Schweikert and Brad Wenstrup, the letter, addressed to Acting Commissioner David Kautter, calls on the IRS to devise a more concrete cryptocurrency taxing scheme
Bitfury Group unveiled a new generation of bitcoin mining ASICs on Wednesday, boasting greater efficiencies than previous models.
U.S. lawmakers are calling on the Internal Revenue Service to provide clear guidance on how cryptocurrency-related taxes will be calculated.
XRP is a standout performer today in the cryptocurrency market as its price boasts double-digit percent gains for the second time this week.
A blockchain team from Royal Bank of Scotland RBS has left to start a venture studio called Chorum from which full-blown startups an be spun out.
Executives from several bitcoin mining firms have said at Consensus Singapore that they are not concerned by current low crypto prices.