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nn nnnThe digital age has changed many things about the way we work, play, think and live. And one key element of this is the act of giving.In the online community, its hard to think of a more natural display of positive interaction than the act of giving virtual gifts. In todays digital age, giving has taken on a whole new meaning as growing numbers of transactions and exchanges occur online.At the nexus of this movement is a project called Gifto, a virtual gifting protocol for content cr
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Securing the Future of the IoT - December 12, 2017
The post Securing the Future of the IoT.
The post UK Government Urged to Look at Blockchain Tech for Identity Services.
We do not rule out an option that bans trading of all cryptocurrencies, - a Korean Justice Ministry official.nThe post Koreas Justice Ministry Mulls Total Ban on Bitcoin Trading Report.
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CBOE's chief executive has no time for Wall Street's inarticulate bitcoin futures critique.nThe post Cheap Shot CBOE Chief Dismisses Irresponsible Bitcoin Futures Complaints.
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This noted bitcoin-basher has not changed his outlook.nThe post I Remain Highly Skeptical Jamie Dimon Breaks Silence on Bitcoin as Futures Launch.
The post Ethereum Price Surges by 32, Achieves New All-Time high at $635.
Bitcoin breaks out to an all-time high on BitfinexnThe post Bitcoin Price Hits All-Time High as Futures See Second-Day Slump in Volume.
The post EBay Seriously Considering Adding Bitcoin Payments.
High Fidelity is announcing the launch of Avatar Island, a VR domain where High Fidelity users can purchase items for their avatars, all contributed by digital artists from around the world.High Fidelity is a next-generation platform for Virtual Reality VR worlds developed by Philip Rosedale, the creator of the once very popular Second Life. In September 2017, the company announced that it was developing a blockchain for intellectual property protection and an in-game cryptocurrency .Ive been
Safely storing cryptocurrency can be confusing, especially for newcomers to the space, but for people with visual impairments, finding an accessible option is especially challenging.IcyWallet is a cold wallet with a difference it is designed to make it as simple as possible for people with visual impairments to manage offline bitcoin storage. The project got its start when Adam Newbold and his wife took a braille reading course as a learning activity. Shortly afterward, Newbold struck up a Re
Once upon a time, it would have been absurd to compare bitcoin to gold. One was a new cryptocurrency with little tono adoption, and the other was a precious metal and one-time backer of world currencies. The ensuing years have seen Bitcoin grow to become one of the most precious stores of value, even surpassing that of gold. After nearly two decades of trading in the $350 – $500 range, in 2002 gold bottomed andnRead MorenThe post In the Battle for Acceptance, has Bitcoin Accomplished Wha
Regulation is one of the primary concerns surrounding cryptocurrencies at the moment. Pretty much anyone can set up a blockchain, put up a fancy looking website, add some slick looking team members, and tout their token as the next best thing since sliced bread. At the same time asking for your coin to support them. Open source blockchain platform Waves is addressing the issue by setting up an independent regulatory body which will provide reporting,nRead MorenThe post Crypto Platforms Unite to
Early investors showed a bullish position on Bitcoin futures, which just started trading on the CBOE. In the first day of trading, January Bitcoin futures edged up to about $2,100 above the days spot price to a settlement near $18,500. Prices for March futures are even higher, demonstrating a high level of investor confidence in ongoing increases in Bitcoins value. The early success of the futures launch is good news for anyone who currently hasnRead MorenThe post Investors Enthusiastic About Bi
The crypto-currency market is chaotic nowadays. According to CoinMarketCap, there are more than 1,300 coins and countless ICO tokens participating in trading on more than 300 exchanges and stored in different wallets. It becomes more and more difficult to quickly obtain an assessment of the current financial state, the yield on a particular currency, and the whole portfolio. This leads to the risk of making wrong investment decisions, serious losses or lost profits. Almost everynRead MorenThe po
As we roll into another week of crypto trading the Bitcoin bulls have been a little subdued in the last 24 hours. BTC hasnt fluctuated much from around $16,400 where it currently trades. Huge swings in the king of crypto were bounteous this weekend amid the launch of CBOEs futures contracts. Bitcoin gained and lost over $5,000 in just a few days before recovering but Ethereum has remained pretty flat for weeks until now.nRead MorenThe post Escalating Ethereum Breaks New Records appeared first o
In the never-ending cycle of mainstream news casting the worst possible light upon Bitcoin, the owner of a UK Bitcoin ATM company has been dubbed the Bitcoin Bandit due to his criminal past. Mainstream coverage of Bitcoin has always been pretty checkered. While some media outlets undertake responsible journalism to understand what cryptocurrency is and why people are flocking to use it, other outlets prefer to tie Bitcoin to criminal gangs, drug purchases, and moneynRead MorenThe post Media Hype
Its not just seasoned investors hoping to cash in on Bitcoin. Your regular girl, or boy, next door also wants to be a part of this digital currencys lucrative rise to the top. Theres no denying that Bitcoin fever is gripping the world. Even though it has grown over 1000 in 2017, the most dramatic price surges have happened over the last few weeks, starting with reaching that magical five-figure status. However, Bitcoins price isnRead MorenThe post Average Americans Putting Themselves into Debt f
South Korea will adopt reasonable regulations for cryptocurrency exchanges but not ban them, sources report Tuesday. 'Reasonable Requirements' Uploading information from local news outlet, Stellar co-founder Joyce Kim confirmed that contrary to previous beliefs, trading would remain legal in the country. The Korean government will regulate bitcoin exchanges but not ban them, Kim wrote on Twitter late Monday. Exchanges will have 6 reasonable requirements on KYC/AML, key s
SocialMedia.Market, the first blockchain-based influencer marketing platform, recently announced that they will reward contributors with CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties is the first cryptocollectible to shake the industry. It is a blockchain-based game, which is centered around collectible, breedable, and adorable digital pets – CryptoKitties. One can sell, buy, exchange and trade these kitties like any other collectible. With the implementations of the blockchain technology CryptoKitties e
Keiser Report host and Bitcoin proponent Max Keiser has told CNBC Bitcoin Cash is by definition less secure than Bitcoin. Keiser Left Unimpressed At Ver's CNBC Stunt In a Twitter exchange following the appearance of Bitcoin Cashs Roger Ver on the networks Fast Money segment, Keiser argued the Bitcoin fork eschews decentralization, which is a cornerstone of Bitcoin. Bottom Line BitcoinCash sic is, by definition, less secure than Bitcoin as it eschews decentralization the cornerstonenRead
As major financial institutions are staring to accept Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency is also making inroads into popular culture via mainstream media programming. Even though Bitcoin came into existence in 2009, it's a possibility that 2017 will go down as the Year of the Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency has exploded in value since the start of the year, and major financial institutions have finally leapt on board the bandwagon, such as the launch of Bitcoin futures trading.nRead MorenThe post B
US regulators have warned the public against taking out reckless investments in cryptocurrency, which despite a meteoric rise in the past 12 months remains unpredictable.
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Bitcoins Dark Secret - December 12, 2017
The post Bitcoin's Dark Secret.
n Bitcoin may be for the people, but the majority stakeholders are a select few with a lot of sway. Can these Whales cause a splash in the market, and what of the new killer Whales joining the pondn
n Heres how.n
n Bitcoin will see institutional money take it to up to $100k by 2019, Kay Van-Petersen has suggested.n
n 80 of the world owns a smartphone. Its no longer a device to speak with other people but a digital diary we cant live without. Smartphones and Blockchain technology are neck in neck, although industry leaders dont seem to want to merge them.n
n Russia could consider using cryptocurrencies to trade oil.n
n Wright claims that the major changes on the Bitcoin Cash platform will reap dividends for the cryptocurrency in 2018.n
n Bitcoins next hard fork, Super Bitcoin, is about to come into being.n