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The post How to Buy IOTA – A Basic Beginner's Guide.What Is Iota The name Iota comes directly from the Internet of Things IoT. In the coming decade, it is expected that there will be an excess of 50 billion Internet enabled devices. With that in mind, Iota offers a way to transfer micro-transactions between these devices. The goal with Iota is to allow these ...
n In the US, both the SEC and CFTC continue to assert jurisdiction over various aspects of the Bitcoin trade, though market action shrugs off attempts to regulate.n
The post This Blockchain Helps Users Sell Idle Bandwidth and Bypass Internet Censorship.
The post Newsflash Bitcoin Price Falls Below $5,300 in Octobers Biggest Dip.
The post Ethereum, Bitcoin Prices Plunge in Apparent Market Sell-Off.
The post Bank of Canada Senior Deputy Governor Bitcoin Won't Replace Cash.
The post Stock Market Bear Sets $1 Million Bitcoin Price Target.
The post Block Size Debate Turns Violent as Trolls Sends SWAT Team to Home of BitGo's Lopp.
The post Technical Analysis Bitcoin Dumps and Pumps amid Broad Volatile Correction.
The post Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin, Roger Ver and Calvin Ayre Declare.
The post We Are All Part of Consensus Bitcoin Communities in Brazil and Argentina Condemn SegWit2x.
The post Bitcoin Overcomes Roadblocks and Takes Off Germany's Public International Broadcaster.
n Venezuelans turn to decentralized peer-to-peer exchange LocalBitcoins to purchase Bitcoin in the midst of government crackdown, hyperinflation.n
n Does your startup have plans to open to the public in the future As a consumer, are you interested in selling your knowledge for money Crowdholding has got you covered!n
n Dont miss the latest price overview and trading suggestions.n
Confideal, the innovative smart contract management platform, is pleased to announce the start of cooperation with Hacken. Note This is a press release. Cooperation will provide discounted services of penetration testing and vulnerabilities analysis to Confideal and their clients, as well as wider opportunities on using smart contracts for Hacken and their clients, that will be able to get and use smart contract templates for Establishing regular payments Conducting payments with the milestones
Russia has announced plans to launch a nationalized cryptocurrency called CryptoRuble, citing competitive advantage by being the first of its kind in Europe, and as state-controlled digital money in the light of an increasingly digital economy. Russia has announced, via communications Minister Nikolay Nikiforov, that the country will begin experimenting with a nationalized cryptocurrency. Exact facts are scarce, and most of the information comes directly from quotes from Nikiforov, although it i
ATB Coin announces the reaching of anagreement with the worlds fourth largest trading volume crypto-exchange – HitBTC. ATB Coin enters the HitBTC exchange! The daily trading volume of HitBTC is over $160,500,000. In the nearest days, absolutely all users will have the opportunity to trade ATB Coin on more than 200 cryptocurrency pairs, available on HitBTC. Note This is a press release. This will be an excellent opportunity for all crypto-investors since ATB Coin hasnRead MorenThe post AT
Anton Dzyatkovsky, co-founder of MicroMoney, explains how blockchain technology and increasing internet penetration into previously untapped regions can help bring previously inaccessible financial services to the unbanked. Note This is a sponsored article. I believe that the evolution of blockchain-based infrastructures and active Internet penetration in emerging markets enable the financial industry to provide services to a much larger audience than before. I have to put it simply there is no
Prominent financial giant, JP Morgan Chase & Co. has introduced its new project that utilizes blockchain technology for international money transfers. Blockchain is Not a Fraud &160 JP Morgan has been featured in several articles in the last couple of weeks as its CEO, Jamie Dimon, harshly criticized Bitcoin by calling it a &8220fraud&8221 and &8220tulip mania 2.0&8221. Dimon's comments have caused alot of controversy in the Bitcoin community. In a recent articl
Singapore, 04 October 2017. – Blockchain lending services providers MicroMoney and Karma announce their strategic partnership today. MicroMoney, a global fintech company and a market pioneer blockchain credit bureau, and Karma, a global transcend p2p-scoring blockchain platform, have signed an agreement allowing them both to receive benefits from their user networks and technologies. NoteThis is a press release. According to the agreement, Karma now can use MicroMoneys unique scoring sys
Jameson Lopp, an engineer with BitGo, was the victim of swatting after someone called in a fake hostage situation to the police. It's nothing new to see an argument break out on the internet. In fact, it's insanely routine, but a lot of people do take it too far and engage in massive flame wars and even more. A disturbing trend called &8220swatting&8221 has emerged over the last few years, which occurs when someone phonesnRead MorenThe post BitGo Engineer Jameson Lopp Swa
Cryptolocator, a global marketplace for Ethereum trading, has announced the launch of its trading platform where users can securely trade Ether and other altcoins. With a current market cap of just over $30.6 billion, Ethereum is hands down the next most popular cryptocurrency next to Bitcoin. Unfortunately, most cryptocurrency trading platforms are Bitcoin-first and offer a limited number of ETH trading pairs. In fact, some dont offer any ETH trading pairs at all. There isnRead MorenThe post Cr
As the first no coding needed smart contract management platform, Confideal has a broad range of business applications, which we have touched on previously. As their November 2 ICO approaches, we explore Pre-ICO and ICO investing as a use-case scenario. Note This is a sponsored article. Since 2014, nearly $2.6 billion USD has been raised to fund projects through Initial Coin Offerings ICOs. Even more impressive than that is that over $2 billion of thatnRead MorenThe post Is Confideal About to Be
Days after the ethereum blockchain underwent a system-wide upgrade, developers have still yet to confirm the software is fully stable.
The price of bitcoin is down today, as overbought indicators seem to have yielded a notable correction away from recent highs.
A blockchain startup headquartered in Sweden has raised $1.6 million in new funding.
The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has added 48 new members, including Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
A conference held by distributed ledger startup Ripple appears to have had a positive impact on the price of its cryptocurrency.
Australia is moving ahead with plans to pass new regulations for the country's cryptocurrency exchange space.
Canada's central bank is gearing up for the next phase of its Project Jasper blockchain research initiative, according to a new announcement.
Coinbase Loves Bug Bounties - October 19, 2017
A new report suggests that securities regulators in North America are increasing their oversight of the blockchain funding model.
n Bittrex finally speaks out on thousands of banned accounts, claiming only 0.1 of users faced problems. No word on when users can access funds again.n
n Bonpay is aiming to bring credit card-style convenience to cryptocurrencies.n
n Russias recent regulatory moves could actually prime the country to become a mining and exchange mecca.n
n Smart contracts offer the potential to effectively decentralize freelance work, using Blockchain and a clever work verification model.n
n Genetic data has immense value for scientists and researchers, and Zenome is using Blockchain technology to make it possible to monetize that while still keeping it private and anonymous.n
n The former Chairman of the Federal Reserve seems unable to make up his mind on Bitcoin. His views keep flip-flopping, but at the moment hes against the digital currency.n
n SegWit2x continues to lose support as 50 signatories in Latin America condemn the Bitcoin hard fork.n
n The excitement around Blockchain has led to increasingly buoyant projections for Overstock.n
n and Calvin Ayres war of words continues with an official partnership announcement on Bitcoin Cash education.n
n WePay will soon be property of JPMorgan as a venture into fintech sees the bank change tack.n
n Find out how cool it is to be a startup at BlockShow Asia.n
n More ICOs, more tokens, more decentralization. Why the world needs to embrace the trustless technology behind the Blockchain.n
n Cryptocurrency is not flavor of the month at UBS, which says tax payments will dictate demand. Would you agree that Bitcoin is in a speculative bubblen
n Have you ever wondered how Blockchain DApps communicate with the outside world Now you can find out!n
n Who will be the first Blockchain project to tap into the $50 billion gaming assets marketn
Chaincode Labs, the New Yorkbased development company and major contributor toBitcoin Core, is organizing a second edition of its Bitcoin residency program in the first months of 2018. The program intends to help developers overcome the steep learning curve associated with becoming a protocol-level contributor to projects like Bitcoin Core. In doing so, Chaincode Labs hopes to help expand Bitcoins development community.Last year was the first run, Chaincode Labs developer John Newbery told Bi
Latest figures from the Tetaf art market report,released by the European Fine Art Foundation, show that in 2016 global art market sales amounted to an estimated $45 billion, up 1.7 percent from 2015. The U.S. remains the largest country in the world art market, with 29.5 percent of the market share, followed by the U.K. and China with 24 percent and 18 percent, respectively.Yet, while the industry remains a profitable one, it is slowly changing. One that is considered difficult to enter and r